Career Coaching

Imagine having someone listen to your dreams ambitions frustrations -- and then having that person offer advice and develop action steps to empower you to be more successful. Who is that person? An Employment Empowerment, LLC, career coach.

Our career coaches are trained professionals who provide expert advice guidance and support to those who are seeking career transition success. As an objective observer and listener, our Career Coaches can often see situations more clearly than the client. Our career coaches concentrate on where clients are now and help them develop goals plans and action steps toward some current or future employment or career goal.

Our career coaches are dedicated to giving you the tools you need for career success. We will challenge you to do your best, work with you through the tough times and empower you to reach your goals and finally, we will celebrate with you as you achieve success. Our career coaches work for you, helping you to achieve all your career goals and aspirations.

What results can you expect from good career coaching?

After receiving our coaching services, you should have one or more of these outcomes:

  1. Enhanced self-awareness and direction

  2. Clarity of career and job-search goals

  3. Increased career management skills

  4. Overall improvement of your quality of life


How do you know if you're ready for coaching?

There are numerous signs that you're ready for coaching such as feeling prepared to work with a career professional being confident that you have the time to commit to working with our employment specialists and deciding you need the services of a career coach.

Employment Empowerment, LLC offers many career coaching services that include:  

  • Career Counseling

  • Interview Prep

  • Career Development

  • Job Search

  • Career Transition

  • Outplacement


With our career coaching service you will: 

  • Establish appropriate level contacts

  • Find an ideally suited position

  • Design a job search campaign to fit your unique needs

  • Appraise your marketable skills

  • Identify and set realistic career goals

  • Develop interview strategies that lead to job offers

  • Negotiate an improved incentive package


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